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We’re in an age where our expectations of the experiences we receive as customers has never been higher, consumers now expect a flawless experience at every interaction with a company, and our perceptions as employees are no different. Meaning all areas of the talent journey are now under scrutiny and employers can no longer treat these talent management process as separate transactions, but a single ‘talent experience’ instead. 

You’ll get insights to:  

  • What makes a Talent Experience 
  • An outline of the experience touchpoints within the recruiting journey  
  • How to ensure a quality experience for all key recruiting stakeholders  

As the talent marketplace is only becoming more competitive, employers are increasingly acknowledging talent acquisition as one of the most critical components of the talent experience.

In this paper recruitment technology experts, Matt Alder and Mervyn Dinnen explore the importance of talent experience, through a recruitment lens - drawing on the findings of our recent survey of over 100 talent acquisition professionals.  

Matt Alder

HR Tech Author, Consultant, and host of The Recruiting Future Podcast

Mervyn Dinnen

HR & Talent Trends Analyst

The HR tech landscape is changing, are you prepared?